The Doepker Group
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  • Maintain stocks of laboratory supplies.
  • Performing general laboratory maintenance
  • Help keep the laboratory organized.
  • Assist in preparing and updating protocols and SOP's for TRL laboratory operations
  • Performing other laboratory duties as assigned
  • Performing RNA, DNA isolation, and quantitative PCR, performing immunological techniques such as ELISA and western blotting etc.
  • Responsible for maintenance of mammalian tissue cell lines, cell isolation, testing for cell viability and proliferation and cellular and molecular biology techniques.
  • Assisting with experimental design and conducting experiments.
  • Will perform sample processing, data analysis, recording data in a laboratory notebook, writing abstracts and reports for data presentation


Bachelor of Science (cell biology, biochemistry, immunology or molecular biology).The ideal candidate will be able to help design, execute and analyze experiments independently. This position requires excellent organizational skills and the ability to work in a highly collaborative environment. At least one year of demonstrated experience in a research laboratory applying cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, or immunological techniques is preferred (not including coursework). Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, and statistical analysis software is required assays.

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