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Mechanical Engineer
South St. Paul, MN



Engineer / Project Engineer Job Description

Title:                           Engineering Technician


Reports to:               Department Manager


Authority:                 Authority to carry out directions given by the Department Manager, President and or Management Team. This position is expected to keep production/admin/sale team informed.


Position Summary:

a)      Cross-train throughout all departments, learning the aspects and variables for all or most of the products and services provided.

b)      Process and engineer incoming work as assigned; assuring timely completion and proactive department coordination on jobs with the objective of meeting customer specifications and requirements.

c)      ISO 9001 production environment & requirements.

d)      Assist staff and customers with incoming data by addressing questions, preparing, and guiding the information in the correct format to achieve an accurate processed order.

e)      Deliver competent production tool cutting and converting production principles with the objective to construct an accurate and mechanically correct tool and/or valued engineered service. Engineering cutting principles of Form vs Function.

f)       Understand your company role in Business Continuity & Develop Environment. Keep Customer satisfaction as a primary priority, courteous and professional communications in all activities.


Responsibilities / Duties:

1.      On assigned tasks, job tickets and estimating environment requirements follow company tool building processes and construction procedures; produce a product that meets quality and tolerance specifications and standards. Develop confident knowledge in steel rule types, material use and reaction within applications, substrates, ejection, punches, etc.

2.      Bring on-board and/or develop confident tooling building knowledge in Match- Metal Tooling, Mold Tooling & Related Stamp Press Tool Types; production equipment knowledge: CNC Machining, EDM, Grinding & Inspection tools, etc.

3.      Understand the tool building processes from specifications such as noted in blueprints, sketches, models, or descriptions, reverse engineering approach, and visualizes product to determine materials required and machines to be used to fabricate parts. Analyzes specifications, lays out metal stock, sets up and be directly knowledgeable or an instructor on operating machine tools, and fits and tool assemble parts to fabricate and includes repairing metalworking dies, cutting tools, jigs and fixtures, gauges, and machinists' hand tools.

4.      Apply your tooling knowledge within:

a.    press cutting, mold/stamping punching cutting applications.

b.    material use and material reaction within applications, sub straights, ejection.


5.      Research, recommend and implement total quality management techniques and principles, participant in quality manual tasks.

6.      Assist in coordinating company processes and procedures.

7.      Participate and work with rework teams to identify problems and seek solutions; problem solver.

8.      Work with all departments to develop standards and improve existing methods for efficiently producing quality products.

9.      Work with inspection department and staff on inspection processes and department objectives.

10.  Be an advocate/recommend training session topics.

11.  Proven develop confidence within industry machines and equipment, including supporting software and tool designing software; CAD, Solidworks.

12.  OpenShop (ERP/Production System) learn to be confident in the production tool, customer, and production requirements.

13.  Will be assigned requirements within our ISO 9001 Certification & Total Quality Management Objective tasks.

14.  Follow all safety rule and practices and promote preventative safety. Follow company policies and procedures.

15.  Delivery clear and professional communication practices.

16.  Perform other duties as needed and/or assigned.


Physical Requirements:

·         Ability to lift 50 pounds in order transport dies and other materials.

·         Ability to sit 80% of the work time to perform the duties required of this position.

·         Vision and dexterity adequate to use a PC and monitor for up to 8 hours.

·         Speech and hearing adequate to communicate verbally, in writing, and on the telephone in English, with customers and co-workers in person and on the telephone.

·         Ability to read, interpret and conceptualize blueprint/drawing, job orders and related information.



·         Degree in Engineering

·         Minimal Four Years Production Engineer Application Experience to talk through.

·         CAD experience

·         Able to handle a fast-paced work environment.

·         Demonstrated initiative & Project Managing Stages

·         Competent within business computer systems and software tools (Word, Excel) used in this company.

·         Detail oriented and well organized

·         Ability to work independently and handle multiple tasks

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