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Position Summary:Develops and implements programs to reduce or eliminate occupational injuries, illnesses, deaths, andfinancial losses. Duties include identifying and appraising conditions which could produce accidents andfinancial losses and evaluating the potential extent of resulting injuries. Develops accident-preventionand loss-control systems and programs for incorporation into operational policies. Coordinates safetyactivities of plant managers to ensure implementation throughout facilities. Compiles, analyzes, andinterprets statistical data related to exposure factors concerning occupational illnesses and accidents andprepares reports. To lead safety continuous improvement efforts at all locations so that the goal ofsending each employee home injury-free to their families is achieved daily.Maintains liaison with outside organizations, such as fire departments, mutual aid societies, and rescueteams to assure information exchange and mutual assistance and participates in activities of relatedprofessional organizations. Has 1 direct report (professional safety staff).Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities• Collaborate with company leaders to form a strategic plan and initiatives on a company vision• Implement the strategic initiatives to improve safety and environmental performance for threemanufacturing and one corporate location respectively.• Communicate vision to organization and enlist all levels of the organization to move towardsachieving the vision.• Develop & champion culture change activities and awareness building tools focused on creatingand sustaining an injury-free work environment.• Develop corporate policies and standards for safety.• Establish pro-active relationships with regulatory agencies such as OSHA, EPA, and DNR.• Mentor front line supervisors and lead people to increase their understanding of thecommunication and activities necessary to create and sustain an injury-free work environment.• Spend time on shop floor to positively reinforce safety critical behaviors with plant employeeowners and coach away at-risk behaviors.• Collaborate with all employee owners to resolve safety issues.• Lead safety continuous improvement teams and projects.• Conduct regular audits of safety and environmental processes.• Manage audit and incident investigation corrective actions to completion and verify sustainment.• Maintain required safety and environmental documentation and file required reports to regulatoryagencies accurately and on-time.• Conduct training / presentations both inside and outside.• Establish and track leading safety performance indicators/metrics and communicate thosemetrics to employee owners• Establish relationships with area medical care providers and emergency response organizationsto maximize the efficiency and quality of care for company employees receive.• Manage the random drug & alcohol testing program and 2nd chance program• Manage the worker’s compensation and return to work process for injured employees.• Lead emergency response actions for 1st Responders (injury, fire, severe weather, and training)Closing Statement:• Other duties as assigned• This position is on-call for any emergency related incidentsQualifications:• Bachelors of Science required.  Degree specializing in occupational safety or equivalent experience.• Preferred: Post graduate degree in safety, business, environmental science or a related field.• Minimum 7 years of experience leading in plant/corporate safety culture• Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Certification and (or) Certified Utility Safety Administrator(CUSA).• Understanding of Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), National Pollutant DischargeElimination System (NPDES), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and StormWater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)• Must possess a working knowledge of applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) and EPA standards, regulations, and guidelines.• Strong Microsoft Office skills with a focus on PowerPoint and Excel.• Dynamic public speaking skills.• Strong, effective interpersonal and written communication.• Knowledge of plant level safe work practices and procedures.• Willingness to be hands on in the shop environment.• Reveals a self-starting attitude with dedicated follow through to complete projects on-time.• Strength in Managerial Courage• Willingness to learn new job skills
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