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Data Governance
Alpharetta, GA



  • Fortune 500 company
  • Great place to work
  • Open and collaborative culture
  • Passionate in what they do
  • Work-life balance
  • Great benefits
  • Hybrid – 2-3 days in office with travel to Miami, FL
  • Alpharetta, GA or Miami, FL


Our Client is hiring for a Data Governance Professional for their newly formed HR Outsourcing (HRO) Analytics organization. Data governance is the process of establishing and enforcing priorities for managing data as a strategic asset in alignment with the HRO’s data strategy. The current decentralized analyst model resulted in a lack of oversight for published data, leaving too many “source of truth”. The intent of a data governance council is to establish the authority and guidelines for foundational data management activities that will lay the groundwork for a sustainable culture of continuous proactive data management through policies, procedures, standards, teamwork, and accountability. This role is individual contributor right now (potential leader in future. TBD as team grows)


What are we looking for? 

The HRO Data Governance Council (HDGC) manages data governance initiatives, issues, and escalations to improve and promote data quality and integrity, appropriate and ethical use of data. This role will support the effective management of data assets by making policy recommendations, establishing procedures and standards, monitoring data governance efforts, and communication with stakeholders.



Key Responsibilities: 

  • Data Governance Chair
    • Principal data steward – Key facilitator responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the team. Delegating and ensuring the completion of action items by assigned owners.   
  • Data Governance Partners
    • Division and compliance partners – Subject matter experts in application development, data architecture, security, and management.  
  • Data Governance Strategic Level leads
    • Governance council – Senior leaders responsible for establishing data governance initiatives and priorities.  
  • Data Governance Tactical Level leads
    • Domain data stewards - Subject matter experts of specific business or technical functions. Responsible for carrying out the action items of the division.  


  • Structure and Subcommittees
    • Strategic vs Tactical
    • Business Units
    • Functional Area and Special Projects
  • Agendas and Participation
    • Agenda proposals must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the upcoming meeting.
    • Finalized agenda will be emailed to the members 1 week prior to the upcoming meeting.
    • A simple majority quorum is required for the council to adopt an action item.
    • The team will attempt to develop a consensus prior to voting on an action item. When the council cannot reach a consensus, a majority vote is required to move forward the action items or changes to the data management practices. Representative from each area or their alternate will receive one vote. The council chair will only vote when necessary to break a tie.  
    • A general discussion period will be included for each meeting if time permits.
  •  Meeting Frequency
    • Quarterly meetings to review strategic goals and priorities.
    • As needed for subcommittees or special projects determined necessary by the council chair.
  • Information Sharing
    • Workfront will be used as the project management tool and repository for sharing notes, documentation, communication, and status.
  • Reporting
    • Goal and project status update will be provided quarterly by the council chair.


Key Objectives

  • Policy
    • Data Management Policy - Establish rules for governing the creation, acquisition, privacy, integrity, security, quality, sharing, and use of data.
    • Data Issue Management - Identify and address obstacles that prevent effective use of data.
  • Standardization
    • Data Identification - Identify data assets and develop an inventory of appropriate metadata.
    • Data Standardization - Normalize data definitions; standardize key calculations and measures.
  • Oversight
    • Data Assessment - Measure the risk, value, and quality of data; determine appropriate stewardship.
    • Data Risk Mitigation - Ensure that standards are in place to reduce the risk associated with the use of sensitive data.
    • Data Oversight - Monitor all data assets and any actions taken to improve them.
  • Communication
    • Data Communications - Create opportunities for information flow to associates and managers.


To succeed in this role:

  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s preferred in the field of data science, computer science, or related fields
  •  7-12 years of data governance experience.
  •  Experience leading teams.
  • Data bricks and Axon experience.



  • Have courageous team collaboration. Courage comes from how associates are willing to have difficult conversations, speak up, be an owner, and challenge one another's ideas to net out the best solution. 
  • Deliver at epic scale. We deliver real user outcomes using strong judgment and good instincts. We're obsessed with the art of achieving simplicity with a focus on client happiness and productivity. 
  • Be surrounded by curious learners. We align ourselves with other smart people in an environment where we grow and elevate one another to the next level. We encourage our associates to listen, stay agile, and learn from mistakes. 
  • Act like an owner & doer. Mission-driven and committed to leading change, you will be encouraged to take on any challenge and solve complex problems. No tasks are beneath or too great for us. We are hands-on and willing to master our craft. 
  • Give back to others. Always do the right thing for our clients and our community and humbly give back to the community where we live and work. Support our associates in times of need through Client's Philanthropic Foundation.
  • Join a company committed to equality and equity. Our goal is to impact lasting change through our actions. 



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