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Why This Job?

In my opinion the #1 selling point for this job is the hiring manager – I placed him here, he’s one of the brightest engineers that I’ve met in 18 years of doing this job and he is leading the process and project engineering teams for this company. He’s the kind of person people love working for – ambitious and driven, but also realistic and personable. The #2 selling point of this job is the company itself – they are easily one of the hottest up-and-coming companies out there; they are bringing along technology that is going to change the industry. Many startups out there are trying to develop products that replace traditional products, and they face a lot of headwinds in trying to do that. This company is making traditional products, but in a way that is more efficient and sustainable, and they are currently in another phase of rapid growth.


Minimum Requirements:

  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering required, advanced degrees preferred
  • 5+ years of post-college, industry experience, working in PSM-regulated processes
  • This is really the key – you have to be able to show a successful track record of troubleshooting, optimization and process improvement while also showing that you have a high level of drive and self-motivation. This isn’t the type of role where you are going to be told what to do with the expectation of getting it done – rather, it is the type of role where you are looking for your own opportunities and executing on them
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