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What’s special about this role?

This is a relatively new player in the O&G space; they’ve been around since 2022 and we got involved with them through someone we placed earlier in his career at one of the big players. I asked him why he left the comfort of the big refinery he was at to come to this one – he said that ultimately, he was tired of the bureaucracy of working for a large company and he saw this as a chance to join a company that is at the stage some of these big players were 30 years ago. The company is 40 people – the family that owns the business is committed to making it grow and are providing the resources needed for that. The hiring manager says, “around here, if you see something you want to work on, go work on it.” This is the perfect place for someone who loves to be in the plant and who loves to stretch their creative engineering muscles.


Minimum Requirements:

  • B.S. Chemical Engineering degree; 3-5 years of post-college industry experience
  • Must be out of refining, petrochemicals, or chemical manufacturing – the real requirement here is someone who has a good grasp of the fundamentals of chemical engineering
  • Need to have worked in a PSM-regulated manufacturing site
  • Need to have a high level of self-motivation and drive; there is a very competent team at this facility and the hiring manager has about 15 years of experience, but you will be counted on to pull your weight technically
  • Willing to work as part of a rotating on-call team member. This facility is transitioning over to a 9/80 schedule currently
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