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Job Description
  • Modeling, CNC laser operation, CNC press brake operation.
  • Use of metrology equipment.
  • Pre-inspection of parts.
  • Manufacture product in accordance with traveler, verbal, and written instructions, prints, and other information.
  • Perform and make decisions as to the sequence of modeling, setup, operations, inventory (i.e.: raw material, tooling, etc.) and other applicable processes.
  • Raw materials and inventory used to complete processes are accurately reported.
  • Prioritization of jobs.
  • Organizes work area to remove previous job's data package, tooling, fixturing and remaining materials.
  • Deburr and cleaning of parts upon completion.
  • Maintains a clean work environment.
  • Clears metal debris from inside the machine at the end of each shift.
  • Keeps the floor around the machine tool free of spills, chips and debris.
  • Maintains a safe work environment.
  • Verifies all machine fluid levels and maintenance.
  • Reports non-conforming output to Quality Department for disposition at the time it is identified by the Operator.
  • Selects proper tooling and fixtures required to manufacture product.
  • Inspects all tooling and fixtures for cleanliness and accuracy.
  • Reviews instructions provided on traveler, set-up sheets, work instructions and program data.
  • Reviews and understands Blueprints and Engineering Documents. Will request assistance from Supervisor or Management Team prior to starting job, if there are unclear expectations / directions.
  • Reviews expected results of set-up and cycle time.
  • Records actual results of set-up and cycle time on traveler or scheduling software.
  • List any reasons for unexpected results or improved performance.
  • Submits first piece for approval and completes step information on traveler.
  • Periodically inspects parts for correct dimensions and finish, including:
  • Completes/initiates reject identification in the event of a nonconforming output.
  • Keeps product in a neat and in order of production run to aid in identification of potential suspect output.
  • Completes traveler at the completion of the step using the traveler fields and/or software as directed.
  • Packages and/or prepares product for next step per traveler instruction and notifies Production Manager at completion.
  • Saves program to server.
  • Provide detailed feedback for correction of error or discrepancies of documentation, BOM, routing and/or prints.
  • Cleans cart to prepare for next job.
  • Clears all un-needed tooling from the machine and returns it to the proper storage location or tool crib manager.
  • Reports to Supervisor
  • Performs any necessary task as requested/directed by supervisor or management.
Schedule & Pay
  • $17 - $22 per hour DOE
  • Monday - Friday
  • 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

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