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The Estimator plays a vital role in construction projects by accurately assessing material requirements, estimating costs, and ensuring efficient use of construction resources. This position involves collaborating with project managers, engineers, and suppliers to optimize material quantities and minimize waste.


Material Quantity Estimation:

· Analyze blueprints, technical drawings, and project specifications to determine the job requirements.

· Calculate the volume of materials needed for various components such as foundations, slabs, columns, walls, tie beams, elevated decks, and curbs.

· Consider factors such as formwork, reinforcement, and finishing techniques when estimating quantities.


Cost Estimation:

· Collaborate with procurement teams to gather information on job material prices.

· Calculate the cost of materials based on volume, type, and quality.

· Prepare detailed cost estimates, considering labor, equipment, and other associated expenses.


Project Coordination:

· Work closely with project managers and site supervisors to understand project scope and timelines.

· Coordinate with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of materials.


Quality Control:

· Verify that the project specifications are being met.

· Identify any discrepancies or deviations from estimated quantities.


Waste Reduction and Efficiency:

· Implement strategies to minimize material waste during placement.

· Evaluate alternative materials or mixes to improve efficiency.


Documentation and Reporting:

· Maintain accurate records of material quantities, costs, and adjustments.

· Generate reports for project stakeholders, highlighting material usage and variations.




Education and Experience:

· High school diploma or equivalent. Bachelor's degree in a related field preferred.

· Proven experience as an estimator or quantity surveyor.

· Familiarity with construction software (e.g., Bid2Win).

· 3-5 years of project management experience within construction.

· Demonstrated knowledge of construction, engineering, and/or architecture principles



· Strong analytical skills and attention to detail.

· Proficiency in the use of spreadsheets and estimation tools.

· Knowledge of industry standards.

· Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

· Proficiency in Estimation Software Programs.

· Must be competent in reading, interpreting, and working from blueprints, drawings, and sketches.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills.



DOE - $50k - $80k

Benefits and bonuses


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