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In this remote position, you will be working with a major global leader and a cutting-edge technical innovator and manufacturer of products SOLD TO the Semiconductor industry. They are offering a flexible remote work opportunity, a progressive company culture, and serious job growth!  You will have the opportunity to develop and structure business for their products into major semiconductor developers and manufacturers.  If you prefer, though, you can be located at their offices in San Jose, CA.
The Business Development Executive in Semiconductors will play a pivotal role in engaging with customers to drive business growth. This position focuses on securing buy-in from customers' procurement departments to initiate the evaluation and experimental testing of our products for qualification. The Executive will collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure a smooth flow of business operations and compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, the Executive will collaborate closely with salespeople during the business development phase and gradually transfer their efforts to the sales team as the transactions become regular operations.
Typical Duties/Responsibilities:
  • Secure buy-in from customers' procurement departments for product evaluation and qualification.
  • Conduct cost simulations for transportation costs of products imported from the parent company.
  • Negotiate with customers' quality departments to agree on product specifications.
  • Collaborate with the sales team to develop and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Develop procedures for material handling, logistics, customs clearance, new product registration, appropriate warehousing, and product handling, working with planning, quality assurance, and production teams in our US factory.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including TSCA, tariffs, allowances, and chemical safety regulations.
  • Exchange information with business counterparts in the parent company to ensure a smooth business flow.
  • Participate in industrial events, such as trade shows, technical conferences, and standard development consortiums
Qualifications: Photonics expertise for silicon-photonics
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in a relevant field.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Deep understanding of the semiconductor industry and experience in sales or procurement of etching agents used in the front-end process of chip fabrication; an engineering background is preferred.
  • Working experience in the semiconductor industry for 5+ years.
  • Ability to effectively communicate the value proposition of our products.
  • Experience in customer engagement and relationship building.
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements, including TSCA, tariffs, allowances, and chemical safety regulations.
NOTE: The client wants someone with experience selling chemical products to semiconductor (chip) manufacturers. 
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