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The Operations Maintenance Coordinator (OMC) for the Powerhouse Operations is a vital person for an effective maintenance planning and scheduling process and is one of the leaders in the area. The OMC is responsible for the coordination of all maintenance and repair work and the improvement and sustainability of overall equipment reliability in his/her area. In addition, the OMC has full authority for requesting, approving, and controlling all maintenance and repair work in his/her area of responsibility. 
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Lead Daily MWS and Weekly Scheduling Meetings as outlined in the workflow process
  • Work with Operations and Maintenance teams to identify work for the area and generate work order requests based on need and priority for the day/week
  • Review Basic Care reports and finds to generate work requests for corrective action
  • Ensure all requests are correctly prepared with the following criteria
  • Ensure work request contain detailed and necessary information and documentation
  • Ensure work orders have the correct equipment location and work type assigned with a realistic priority and target completion date is consistent with the overall needs of the area
  • Determine if improvement, indirect work is expense versus capital and takes actions accordingly
  • Utilize the “management of change” process appropriately
  • Authorizes work requests
  • Utilizes up-to-date backlog reports to coordinate maintenance activities in his/her area of responsibility. Uses this backlog as a guide to specify planned work to be scheduled
  • Follow up with Maintenance FLL on work performed by maintenance, and contractors in his/her area of responsibility for proper efficient execution and completion.  Working with Area Maintenance Manager, authorizes overtime as needed to complete critical work in a timely manner.
  • Support the Maintenance Planner in detailed planning for daily, weekly and shutdown process.
  • Take steps to have engineering involved in chronic problems addressed to identify RCF and resolve.
  • Maintain chronic equipment list, and “when down do list” and uses it for resource allocation and scheduling.
2-5 years of experience in the maintenance planning arena. Must come out of heavy industry, with paper being the bullseye.  Any degree would be a plus along with any SAP experience. 
Why is This a Great Opportunity?
Great company with fantastic benefits and relocation. Need a take charge candidate! 
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